My workshop on Bloom’s taxonomy


It was a pleasure to give a workshop at the Teacher Skills forum in Jordan last Sunday.
My biggest takeaway?
Even if we don’t use the same coursebooks, universal principles of learning and teaching are… universal! It was great to hear Jordanian, Lebanese, Palestinian colleagues speak about the same things that are important to teachers in Ukraine.

If you would like to have a look at the slides, here they are.

A few more comments that came up during the discussions and the Q&A:
1. Lower and higher order thinking skills can be used with all levels if the task is set properly
2. We do not necessarily have to move through the cognitive skills hierarchically
3. Short 40-minute lessons will hardly include all cognitive skills, but we can plan a series of lessons

I deliberately took out revisions of the taxonomy, alternatives, verbs and questions from the presentation, but they are quite useful too: check out the links I published last week!

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