Missing a class (not)


Here is a nifty little idea that’s been sitting in my Pocket for several months: a one-to-one teacher has found a wonderful way to compensate students for late cancellations (when a student cancels and you have to take their money even if the lesson did not happen – don’t you feel bad? I know I do….)

So, what can we do? In the remaining time you can make an e-lesson for the student instead: several tasks on Google Docs with video instructions made on Zoom. Easy? Perhaps not, because you still need to think of a way to keep the student engaged and committed to the task. Yet the author of the post does it wonderfully: just check out her videos and best practice tips.

One might say that it’s just another example of flipped (or at the very least blended) learning; but to me it looks unique, and shows deep commitment to students and their learning progress. What do you think?