MA in Norwich: day 13 of 14

The course is over, and I’m staying in London for a few days, waiting for my plane to take me back home. Going through one Kübler-Ross stage after another – I sooo hate goodbyes!

Remember those ‘confirmed/new/unsure’ interviews with the tutors? Well, I’ve been lucky to collect a few from the participants (watch this space), and here is one with myself.

What has the course confirmed for me?

Much as I enjoy all things techie and digital, I think there are a lot of advantages to face-to-face education. The level of engagement is much higher, the course is more intensive and affects the whole person, not only the logical mind. Don’t get me wrong, online courses are useful and necessary, I have done quite a few and will keep doing them. And yet face-to-face remains my preferred option.

What was new?

Loads and loads of new ideas to try out, dozens of books and articles to read, hours of exciting conversations to remember… But the most unexpected thing that happened to me was falling in love with Norwich and the UEA campus. How I miss those friendly churches, forests and fields! (Stage: depression)

What am I still unsure of?

Hmm… On a practical level, there’s a lot I don’t quite understand, or remember, or don’t know how to apply yet (I could go through the whole Bloom here). Still, I know where to look and who to ask for answers, so it’s not really being unsure. On a more abstract level, I am trying to analyse what has changed in me because of this course, and – I’m not really sure if I’ve become a better manager and a better person. Have I learned not to act out of habit, will I be able now to analyse situations and make more principled decisions? Somehow I don’t think it’s going to be easy.

P.S. Sorry guys, I know this last bit was awfully banal, but the best things in life are not truly original, are they? 🙂



At the Norwich Railway Station: me on a training course

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