How to avoid planning into midnight


To follow up on a conversation in the teachers’ room: we just don’t have the time to create those beautiful flipcharts for every lesson. Still, it’s not a totally hopeless situation: as one of the colleagues recommended, why not build a collection of the most typical topics (like the Past Simple vs Past Continuous) and use them, adapting where necessary. And then I remembered a series of posts by Steve Smith about having a repertoire of teaching activities: using sentence builders, exploiting reading texts, preparing universal Powerpoint presentations (yes, the same excellent idea), and remembering a range of low-prep consolidation and review activities. I like the focus on teacher well-being here: it’s too easy to lose the track of time and just keep planning away, so it makes sense to reflect on better, more efficient ways to do it.

P.S. There was also an interesting exchange about time management I linked to here.

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