Hooks for discussion and thinking


What happens if you bring hooks into the classroom? Metaphorical hooks, of course: short and challenging (low-floor, high-ceiling) tasks, sometimes with a visual prompt.

“There was confusion, conversation, wonder mixed with frustration, some magical revelations, and lots and lots of rigorous thinking.”

And then:

“…my lessons feel different, classroom discussions click, rigorous thinking is undertaken, and students enjoy learning. From the students’ perspective, … class becomes fun.”

All this is coming from a math teacher who started creating special hooks for students and was amazed by the results.  If it works for maths, can’t it work for language?

I can imagine a guided discovery sheet with two contrasted jokes. Or an interesting quote taken out of context. Or a secret message written down in phonemic script that has to be reconstructed – more ideas?

5 thoughts on “Hooks for discussion and thinking

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