My impressions about the LAMSIG/TDSIG pre-conference event


In one word: great.

In many words: a very well-organised event with a lot of takeaways. I loved the idea of putting management and teacher development together this year, and the topic, personalised teacher development, is very relevant to what I do every day. I’m putting all my notes and photos of slides into a separate word document and will share later. This is good stuff, people!

My personal takeaways (may differ from the speakers’ ideas or contain peanuts):

  • Personalised teacher development IS possible (ok, I already knew that, but it’s nice to see so many colleagues who agree)
  • It needs 3 components: space, time and encouragement
  • All kinds of CPD schemes can form a smorgasbord of options to choose from. As long as there is that enticing smell from the kitchen! (c) Adrian Underhill
  • Agile management with its idea of small adjustments and reiterations might be a good way to introduce more change and avoid change fatigue.

There were loads of opportunities to network, too, but somehow I don’t want to call it networking. It was wonderful to see familiar faces and catch up on our respective news; it was just as wonderful to meet new people and make new friends. LAM SIG (and now TD SIG) feels like home.

*The picture is a slide from Liam Tyrrell’s presentation about culture change in staff rooms.

3 thoughts on “My impressions about the LAMSIG/TDSIG pre-conference event

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