Listen, listen, little star


Here is a nifty list of tips and activities for listening to podcasts from the ESL Library. It’s great for self-study and for student counselling; some of the tasks could easily be done in the classroom, and not necessarily with podcasts. The best advice comes at the end: use one tip per podcast only.

My favourite, apart from the last one, is ‘Just listen and enjoy’, and yours?

TED worksheets worth spreading


Another gem: all-purpose worksheets for listening to TED speakers from Svetlana Kandybovich. It will be especially useful for those teachers whose ‘list of bookmarked TED videos… is longer than the Great Wall of China’ (how did she know?)

Svetlana says that the worksheets can be used for other similar videos; perhaps any kind of extended listening? I particularly recommend her version of the KWL chart (what I know, what I want to know and what I’ve learned); great for Academic English, too.

TED Talks: “One Size Fits All”