Podcasting across the Universe


Here is a bit of inspiration for a rainy day! I know many people who don’t like listening to audiobooks or podcasts, but this post by Olly Lewis might convince them otherwise: educational podcasts can be a great source of professional development, and they can help you unwind (and develop) much better than music. How does it work? On your way to or from work, instead of rehashing the same old thoughts about your day or the thousand things you have to do, you listen to colleagues and experts offering new and intereesting ways to look at the profession. It distracts you from your own thoughts, and at the same time gives you new ideas. A perfect combination! Olly also has a great list of recommended podcasts, and most are already on my phone.

P.S. I once linked to Lana’s great post about all the CPD opportunities available for teachers. She writes about ‘pitfalls’ of different opportunities – I wonder what she would say about professional podcasts! 🙂

P.S.S. If anyone’s wondering about the headline, here is the source.