In with the new

Going through the pre-year training sessions, I find myself excited, but also a bit depressed: no mingling? No running dictations? No crafts? It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it.

Then what’s so good about the post-Covid socially distanced classroom?

  1. The 1.5-2m bubble around every learner will create a natural information gap (learners won’t be able to look into each other’s books or whisper in L1 anymore) – I have to thank colleague R*** for this positive thought.
  2. Showing more stuff on IWB will make our f2f teaching more paperless than ever – yay for saving more trees.
  3. Electronic assignment submissions is here to stay – no-hassle student portfolios and a greater sense of progress.
  4. Personal miniboards and big-letter writing might become a thing again – great for motor memory and owning one’s learning.
  5. And all the backchannelling apps that will have to be used!

By the way, after one of our LAMSIG panels in June Sandy Millin wrote a great post about this – not to be missed.

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