Let’s all go on a virtual field trip

More than a week later, I’m still under the impression of a lesson I observed: the teacher took her upper primaries on a tour of the Lascaux Cave. And she hit all the goal posts: the kids were engaged throughout, there was language learning and practice (They had to say ‘stop!’ when another painting came into view and say what it looked like’), and their knowledge of the world incidentally grew, too. All this time I’ve been trying to come up with a way to introduce a VR tour into one of my lessons. While I’m still thinking, here are a few useful links – perhaps you’ll beat me to it and share your experiences?

Mireille Yanow at OUP ELT blog writes about using virtual museum tours, especially with young learners, and gives a lot of practical advice and several tried-and-tested links.

Radhika Gholkar at the British Council’s TeachingEnglish offers plenty of suggestions for pre-, during and after-visit activities, as well as advice on preparation.

And this list from MommyPoppins is one of the most complete lists of online opportunities for virtual field trips. I think I’ll start touring on my own now 🙂

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