Not very soft skills

I’ve been involved in professional skills training for some time, though I rarely write about it. This week, however, has brought new questions: how do you get learners on board if most of their learning experience has been either with General and Business English, or simply with the hard skills they need in their jobs? This article from Forbes might become part of the answer because it explains the urgency of developing skills for the workplace in our VUCA world, offers interesting statistics, and touches upon the problem of terminology (suggesting that soft skills should be called work/life skills). And the best thing about it is the whole idea of ongoing professional and personal development: “We’ll never be perfect human beings, especially at work/life skills. Instead, we’re works in progress, always learning, adapting and practicing as the external world changes around us”. So, if there is a difficult situation, a big change a work (looking at you, the COVID-19 pivot), we adapt and sign up for a course to adapt even more 🙂

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