To choose or not to choose

Here is an interesting post by Jon Gustafson about the benefits and downsides of giving students choice. You can find cited general research of choice in the post (and the conclusion is that choice is not always good); there is also a section on educational research which says that limited choice actually creates more engagement. By contrast, giving children a lot of choice increases their motivation at the start, but then they spend less time and effort on what they have chosen. The author also speaks about disadvantages of giving too much choice (for example, it’s hard to give detailed feedback if every student was reading a different book; students do not necessarily make the best decisions) and gives advice on how to minimize them.

P.S. If you are not worried about too much choice and are thinking of how to increase student agency, check out these older posts: Student agency for final projects and Choose your news. You’ve been warned 🙂


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