Never get enough of picture resources


One of the things I miss about face-to-face teaching is the ability to use all my toys, balls, dice and of course cards (yes, I do still use objects in ‘show to the camera and tell’ activities, but it’s different). So, here’s the website I used yesterday instead of Dixit: Once Upon a Picture. I asked the students (IELTS prep) to choose a picture to describe how they are feeling about the exam at the moment, and there were lots of interesting choices and, hopefully, better awareness of what concerns them and what we can do about it. (For example, it was great to find out who was already feeling empowered – ‘riding the dragon of her knowledge’ – and who felt a bit pressured by the time limits – ‘the rabbit with the watch’).  The images are friendly and slightly whimsical (in fact, some of them are also featured on Dixit cards), but not too childish. The best thing: this is not just a resource, it’s a collection of materials: you can click on the picture and find a series of questions and prompts that are downloadable in *.doc or *.pdf – a great timesaver if you need a writing prompt.

Next time I’ll choose a busy picture and try the ‘Pictures in close up’ activity from Nicky Hockly and L.Clandfield that I wrote about here. Also, there are other posts to get back to: “Pobble in the Sky”  and “Worth a thousand words”.

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