One-pagers for a sense of progress


A great idea from Betsy Potash writing for the Cult of Pedagogy: have students sum up their learning in a one-pager, combining verbal and visual information. She mentions the dual coding theory to explain why this technique is so useful; if your learners are not very artistic, there is a workaround too: using graphic organisers which prompt them what to draw and what to write. (I suppose a bit more scaffolding would help too.) You can see a lot of beautiful examples in the post, as well as a link to Betsy’s templates.

In addition to the obvious fun/engagement factor, they help learners stay focused, remember the material better, develop their cognitive skills – what’s not to like?

Can we do one-pagers in the digital world? You bet 🙂 In fact, doing them digitally can solve the ‘art problem’: it’s much easier to use Canva or at the very least grab a copyright-free image on Pixabay.

P.S. Betsy has an interesting podcast, by the way. The episodes are medium-length and quite conversational, so you can listen to them while doing something about the house and still get a lovely dose of CPD 🙂

2 thoughts on “One-pagers for a sense of progress

  1. I heard this episode a while ago and wondered how it could work in ELT. Have you had the chance to try it out? I think it could be a really interesting technique, but as I’m working with elementary 11-13 year olds at the moment I’m not sure I can explain to them exactly what it is I want them to do! It would be great to have some examples 🙂


    • I use revision posters with my IELTS prep group a lot. They are quite similar, though probably a bit more visual. I’ll see if I can find some copies and maybe write a separate post about that 🙂 I’m thinking of doing one-pages with a Prof Skills group, but not sure yet, still finding my feet there.


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