How universal are your lessons?


I’ve just read this post by Ewan McIntosh calling to bring back the Universal Design into education – in short, to make our lessons accessible to all students. While the post is mostly focusing on the poor and other vulnerable layers of society, I’ve been thinking about accessibility of our lessons in other ways. When we’re preparing a Zoom presentation, do we plan for people who have poor eyesight? Do we consider those who are not very good at tech (either because of their previous lack of experience, or for other reasons)? And those who have slow computers or are connecting from a mobile device?  If we take the time to do it, everyone will have a better learning experience in the end. Just the author of the post says: “If you’re building pavements, make them large enough for two wheelchairs to pass each other. Then we all benefit when we’re pushing our buggies or social distancing by two metres.”

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