Rinse and repeat


Here’s a great post by Sue Swift from An ELT Notebook about the value of repeating activities (any kind, not just tasks for ‘honing the output’, even though that is very useful too). Sue describes a few ways to repeat tasks within one lesson, but then goes on to suggest that other activities can be recycled in subsequent lessons for review. She also mentions how the level of challenge can be usefully increased the other time round (grouping, format etc.) and adds a few links for those who would like to explore the topic further.  What I particularly like about this post that it justifies task repetition as a valid educational practice. I for one love repeating the same activities with the students! The only issue I can see with task repetition is that learners need to understand why they are doing it. ‘Same coursebook page’ will not have much face validity to them unless we tell them, let’s say, about spaced repetition – so, learner training and signposting will help.

P.S. I linked to a good resource about spaced repetition here; and if you’re more into drills, here’s another post to revisit.

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