Coursebooks are not lazy


To catch the last minutes of today (it’s a daily blog after all!), I’m going to share this great post by Tom Sherrington about the benefits of coursebooks/textbooks. He does say that his positive view relates only to ‘decent’ coursebooks, but I’ve found even my least favourite coursebook useful nowadays: to spare the kids’ eyes and reduce their screen time, I can sacrifice a bit more time to make these (rather awful) pages work.

Tom writes about the most important features of a good textbook (from the perspective of general education): broad overview of subject, explanations and diagrams, reading materials, quality visuals and plenty of questions and answers. Applied to the ELT context, we need very similar things: a good scope, nice visuals and grammar schemes, loads of practice activities (which are not always gapfills). There are quite a few decent books available, and yet why do many teachers prefer not to use them?


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