Work with what you have


Here is a very interesting polemical post by Rolin Moe: A Manifesto Against EdTech© During an Emergency Online Pivot. The author is an EdTech expert, and he warns teachers against overuse of new flashy apps now that we are in this emergency teaching situation. “The best tools to get through this are the ones we have regular interaction with, not those brought in as a panic buy.” In short, pedagogy comes first and needs to be informed by technology – and we need to choose the tools that are available to us and have already worked well for us and our learners.

What about you, do you feel you have to run and learn about this app, and that app, and feel guilty when you don’t have the time? 😉

2 thoughts on “Work with what you have

  1. I do… but as each day of online teaching goes by I notice that I zoom in on quality more than on quantity of apps, programmes, platforms….used. I can see that the learners themselves are overwhelmed with the online tools they are required to use for communication, work and studying . Those moments when they get to bring in something real to the virtual world of learning and teaching (whether it is a picture, drawing or dish shown) become the most memorable and useful.

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