Online, physically


Many of my young learners spend hours in front of the screen for their school lessons, talking to friends,  and let’s face it, playing games. Adult learners have their own remote work with meetings and endless emails. So, by the time they log into my lessons, their eyes are a bit glazed over.

If you’re facing similar issues, don’t miss Olga Stolbova’s recent guest post on Sandy Millin’s blog. Olga writes about sending students to check the fridge, collect photos of different objects in the flat, describing what they see through the window and a few other activities. It’s a good start, but I feel that over the next weeks we’ll all need a lot more ideas on how to make our virtual lessons more physical.

I often ask learners to look through the window, use gestures, nominate each other by throwing an imaginary ball or other object, show their favourite objects (if appropriate). I also let them switch off their camera once in a while when they’re reading or writing, just to help them relax. What’s your favourite technique?


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