Projects for real (12 of 15): more toolkits


To continue the topic of ready-made toolkits, here is another PBL toolbox, made by John Spencer: scroll down through the introduction and subscribe to get your free copy. The introduction and other articles it links to are also worth reading, as well as the podcast episode by the author. He stresses the need for self-directed learning and metacognition skills – just what we need to prepare the kids for future work, isn’t it? And the toolbox contains more help for this: you get a beginner’s guide (which looks like a cool presentation you could make to teachers as an INSETT session), a description of the project management process and a lot of worksheets and guidelines for students in the Microsoft Word format, i.e. easily adaptable. There is a special folder for self-, peer and standards assessment, too. An amazing resource that can save you a lot of time if you decide to make your next project a project ‘for real’ 😉


2 thoughts on “Projects for real (12 of 15): more toolkits

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