Projects for real (9 of 15): speaking simply


The more I’m reading about the topic, the more I realise that the best materials are not in the ELT domain. It’s probably to be expected: like ‘core skills’ and ’21st century skills’, project management skills are interdisciplinary. And yet it would be nice to see something adapted for English language learners! Well, you’ve got to start somewhere. Here is a good simple article from a Kids Encyclopedia that would work for secondaries. It only covers traditional waterfall structures, but can be used as a source text for an activity or two, or for homework reference. If this seems a bit too serious, here’s an extract from a book I’ve stumbled upon: about a father (who is a PM of course) explaining project management to his daughter who wants to build a really good treehouse. Even though it’s way too long for classroom use, now I really want to buy the whole book: I love how simple and practical the text is.


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