Projects for real (6 of 15): teams and team roles


Here is a very interesting writeup of an old IATEFL webinar by Adi Rajan: “Using project management principles in the classroom” with Nathan Arthur. It’s a great summary that almost doesn’t make me wish I had watched this webinar myself – but if you happen to have a link, please share. In short, Nathan Arthur spoke about his own experience teaching EAP students: he focused on the process of project management, helped the learners with the scope and introduced constraints, elected project managers and monitored the learners throughout. It’s interesting that he didn’t introduce EPM (English for Project Management) till the end of the project (I wonder if the students are going to to find the terms just as necessary!).

All in all, I agree with Adi that there should be more to project management in the classroom than Nathan had a chance to talk about; nevertheless, it’s an interesting post to check out, if not for project management per se, then for teambuilding principles in the classroom. I wonder if he ever developed his ideas further…


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