Projects for real (4 of 15): PM basics on video


Don’t you think it’s time to return to the Projects for Real series? We’ve talked about principles of ‘adult’ project management that can be taken into the teen classroom; about a very important distinction between real project-based learning and a fun project-looking task; about the language needed to talk about projects in English and how it can be put into a lesson. The next great find I’d like to share with you is this series of short videos introducing the basics of project management. Mike Clayton from Online PM Courses has done a great job covering the most important concepts, and the videos are really high-quality: fun, visual and educational. The vids still need a bit of extra ‘selling’ to the students if you decide to bring them into the classroom, but they are the best I have found. (And my teens’ eyes almost did not glaze over, which is saying something.)

As a bonus, Mike has a short 3-part series about project management lessons from Game of Thrones – not bad at all 🙂

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