Projects for real (2 of 15): real-life outcomes


Remember last time I wrote about focusing on the actual process of project work? This fantastic post from draws the attention back to the project outcome, but makes a very important distinction between ‘fun’ classroom activities (‘dessert’) and real-life projects (‘main course’). For example, making geometric shapes out of coloured paper at the end of a math lesson is a fun activity, but not a project. Creating a fan fiction website with texts and comments is a real project. (I borrowed the examples from a test they have on the page – do check the rest of it out!).

I’m looking back on the projects I’ve done with my older and younger teens this year, and I have a chilling thought: very few of them can actually be called real. The closest we ever got to real life was an Instagram post for the International Happiness Day… How about yours, are they dessert or a main course?

2 thoughts on “Projects for real (2 of 15): real-life outcomes

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