Klingon the easy way


Well, since I’ve fallen into another Internet rabbit hole and since Star Trek is almost mainstream nowadays, I might as well share this amazing video course of Klingon with you. It’s the best one I’ve seen, and my post is not a New Year joke. Yes, it’s an artificial language invented just for the Star Trek franchise, but it can also be useful for English language teachers.

The first video has a pronunciation guide, which I’m actually going to use to show off to my students in the breaks. (I don’t think many of them will appreciate the video as it is, so it requires a bit of preparation on the teacher’s side.) There’s also a handy downloadable pdf.

What’s the benefit? It’s educational, it’s steeped in pop culture and so can be really enjoyable and low-stress. Moreover, it contrasts English pronunciation with Slavic languages as well as German, and it just might help you reach the more obstinate ears and demonstrate the difference between /kh/ and /h/ and the value of glottal stops.



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