The watercooler factor

watercoolerIf you’ve ever wondered how materials writers get their ideas, don’t ask them, check this great post by Rachael Roberts. She writes about the myriad decisions one has to make when writing: e.g. how to consider ‘the watercooler factor‘, i.e. the intrinsic interest of materials that would make the learners discuss them later with their colleagues or family.  Then again, interesting input doesn’t always mean interesting output! There’s a lot more there about learning objectives, tasks and getting feedback, so do go back to the source.

P.S. I couldn’t help but notice that Rachael quotes Neil Gaiman, and, on a personal note, I have the fondest memories of him from my translator days – from 10 years ago! Feel free to check my old post in Livejournal if you’re interested, there’s a rough translation into English if you scroll down.


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