Adjusting your marking practice


Here is a great post from Teachers on Fire by Katelynn Giordano which tells a story of how the author, an experienced teacher, was reminded to adjust their principles to meet the needs of a particular student. It all happened on a parents’ day (they call it a parent-teacher conference, and as a bonus you can read about an interesting student-led format for this day): a student and the teacher had different views on marking. In short, the student wanted to see corrections in her submitted paper, and the teacher had strong beliefs about not discouraging students with a paper full of red ink. It’s great that they were able to talk and find a solution that would help the student and not discourage her.

And I’m wondering now how many times my beliefs have stood in the way of learning for this or that particular student… I just hope they will keep telling me what exactly they need!

2 thoughts on “Adjusting your marking practice

  1. Thanks for posting. Yes, I too believe that this is a question we should be constantly asking ourselves. By the way, Student-led parent-teacher meetings…how awesome. Definitely looking into that!


    • Thanks for commenting! đŸ™‚ Yes, and the more experienced we become, the more we think we know it all… That said, I’ve noticed that sometimes my teens get a bit frustrated when I ask them again and again: would you like to do this in groups of 3 or in pairs? :)))

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