Never stop trying


Here is a new post by George Couros that made me think about why we have to try out all these techniques in the classroom. He writes about inclusive education and how a student found it much easier to read because the teacher – almost by accident – gave him or her an iPad. “The teacher, in this case, tried something new, and it made all of the difference to this student.” And then he goes on to say that it doesn’t matter what medium we use as long as it helps the learners succeed. This is why we have to keep trying, and changing tack, and doing something new everyday, until it clicks with every student. At least that’s what I’ve been trying to do, sometimes fumbling around a little. And you? 🙂

P.S. Check out that presentation I made a few years ago about The Slight Edge and how we should always stop and think: maybe there is a little tweak that can make this activity even more effective?

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