Teaching paperless: 4 of 7 (non-tech solutions)


We talked briefly with several colleagues about how paperless doesn’t always has to be tech-based, so I’ve decided to look into really paperless activities available to any teacher anywhere without IWBs, mobiles, TVs – in short, teaching with minimal resources.

Here is the most interesting collection I have found, with activities described by Serbian teachers taking part in a competition. They experimented with ideas suggested by famous authors like Penny Ur and added their own descriptions and variations – really good stuff that will let you teach off the page. There is the good old dictogloss (well, you do need a bit of paper for this one!), ‘Feel the object’, an original activity called ‘Radio Programme’, ‘The colourful race’ (to be truly paperless, this should be done with mini-whiteboards I think), ‘The wise man’, ‘Silly questions’ (another original, it’s really great and doesn’t have to be done on mobiles) and a lot more. Now that’s a top-notch fallback binder!

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