Start of a new series: Teaching paperless 1 of 7


Guess what – we have a paperless teaching week at our school. It’s a difficult time for me: much as I love all things techie and digital, I also find glossy coursebooks quite irresistible.  I’ll say more: nothing beats this feeling when you shuffle a hefty stack of vocabulary cards… It’s a challenge. And where there’s a challenge, there’s an opportunity for development. This is why this week I’ll be reading all I can find about paperless methodology and sharing the best pieces with you.

To start with, here is a post at the OUP blog by Robert McLarty about how digital media can be part of education. He mentions how research showed that a digital app for studying algebra was more effective than a traditional coursebook, with a caveat that the app offered a great learning experience. Do we have apps in ELT that offer the same? The post was written in 2013, but do we have this great digital content now? In my view, the situation is still the same as Robert described it then: “A lot of great content is available on the internet but there is too much for a busy teacher to deal with and most of it is raw and unedited.” 

Do you agree – or am I behind the times?

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