Is your training session just common sense?


Here’s another great post by Tom Sherrington about how participants tend to put up defences in the training room. Instead of thinking how their teaching practice could be improved even further, some people decide it’s just common sense and what they’ve been doing anyway – even though it’s probably not consistent or deep enough. Guilty as charged! I do this sometimes as well, and I know it takes a lot of effort and courage to admit there’s always room for development and growth, especially after so many years of teaching…


2 thoughts on “Is your training session just common sense?

  1. Ha! Totally. I wrote this post a while back
    I’ve since done some management and in-house training. The worst part of the job was dealing with teachers who felt they didn’t need to develop. Hated it. As for person who stepped out of an INSETT and said ‘that’s an hour of my life I’m not getting back’, they are now a couple of rungs above me on the ladder! 🙂

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    • Well, it’s not surprising: one can choose to move up the ladder because they don’t want to develop as teachers anymore 🙂 I don’t hate that – but when teachers who are going to continue working as teachers say the same thing, it really worries me! (That said, I saw things like that in other schools mostly, not where I work).


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