Seat students as you will


Hi all, me and the blog are back from leave. It’s been only two weeks since the academic year has started, and I haven’t even met all my students yet.  Still, I have the groups, I have the coursebooks, and now the most exciting part begins: how do I tailor the syllabus to these particular learners?

That’s why  teacher’s books are my favourite reading now, and here’s what I want to share. In Eyes Open 3, you will find a very strong recommendation not to let lower secondary teens choose their own seats. My first reaction was: no way! We’ll be taking away the last bits of comfort in this new environment. I’ll just reshuffle them when we do pair or mini-group work. But then, once I saw them coming into their second lesson, already in their little cliques… The lesson starts, the seats change, and they are ready to learn. What a relief!

I’ve found an interesting article about it in the Teach magazine: it  explains why and how diffferent seat arrangements work. And here is an ELT blog post with practical tips on how to change the students’ seats in an engaging non-authoritative way.

It’s good to be back 🙂

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