A placemat for revision


Here is another serendipitous find: a set of revision questions that can be used as a poster or, indeed, a student’s placemat, to encourage them to remember and connect what they learned before. Just imagine if you could have reflection questions on every desk in the classroom – and who knows, maybe at the school cafe too?

The placemat is very general, so can be applied to almost every context, including ELT;  Blake Harvard (the author of the post where I read about this) lists other advantages. For example, it can form good study habits and generally encourage the learners to pay attention – all because they know they will be asked to build connections, remember keywords and generally reflect on their learning.

P.S. This activity is a bit similar to the ‘connecting question’ I linked to here; and if you’re considering how to introduce more retrieval practice into your teaching, the article in this post is a must read.


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