Online teaching 13 of 15: constraints and affordances


Here is another interesting research article you should definitely read, even though it’s not related to language learning. It’s written in very accessible language, by the way, and reads like a story – a rare treat. The author (Dilani S. P. Gedera) from a university in New Zealand explored how meetings via Adobe Connect had affected the learning process of a remote group of students. It seems that lack of familiarity with the technology and connection issues were the biggest constraints, yet the affordances the virtual classroom offered were very useful for the learners: they had a chance to engage with each other and with the material that they wouldn’t have had in the asynchronous mode.

Perhaps this is the key outcome for me so far – do not compare online and face-to-face learning, compare online learning with no learning at all.



One thought on “Online teaching 13 of 15: constraints and affordances

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