Development all around


There are countless articles and blog posts online about all the great opportunities for continuous professional development for Internet-savvy teachers. Lana’s post about ‘no size fits all’ CPD begins with a similar idea – yet there is a very important difference: she stresses the downsides or ‘pitfalls’ of each development path, e.g. online courses should be used selectively, reading won’t help if you don’t get rid of your hidden biases…

Very useful, especially when you start to panic that there is too much learning out there and no time to do it all!

3 thoughts on “Development all around

  1. Hi Kate, thanks for the post! Exactly my point. With a choice overload that we seem to have nowadays, we need to learn to choose and choose well not to be left over with a nagging feeling that we might have missed something important. It’s a skill of its own. wbw, Lana


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