Can you make the walls work?


Here is a great post about ‘the working wall’ – a classroom display that focuses on tracking the development of students’ skills (e.g. writing). There are great illustrations and explanations, as well as the rationale for using a display like this: “An ever-evolving working wall is a fantastic way to model great writing, amazing vocabulary and to celebrate children’s writing journey.” The author recommends adding something to it daily, but also offers time-saving tips and ways to help learners interact with the display.

Now, you may be thinking: didn’t you write some time ago about too much decoration in classrooms? True. On the other hand, if a display like this helps learning and creates a stronger sense of progress, I for one am ready to compromise (or have a movable poster that can enter the classroom and leave it with a particular group of students).

What about you, would you use it in an ELT classroom, when you and the learners don’t really have a space of your own?

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