Reflective cycle: stop and feel


I’ve recently read about an interesting approach to Kolb’s experiential learning cycle in teacher training from Zhenya Polosatova: in her post, she suggests that participants should ask themselves ‘How do I feel?’ at several stages of the cycle. The beauty of this approach is that focusing on emotions actually helps the teachers put them aside and look at the facts. “They learn to separate ‘facts’ (data, evidence) from ‘opinion’.” Zhenya also mentions various factors that may affect the choice of the stage where we would use emotions, and invites us to also consider positive feelings like being proud of the students’ achievements.

Would you use something like this in a training session? I rather think I might, though I am a bit wary of going too deep into the emotional side of things!


2 thoughts on “Reflective cycle: stop and feel

  1. Thank you for the mention Kate, and for asking your good question (as usual!). I agree that going ‘too deep’ into the emotional side might be not a good idea for the training course, that’s why my approach is about ‘feelings aside’ (but acknowledging them).

    Pleasure to be in touch via social media, would love to meet in person (Lviv? Kyiv? Let’s see if our paths may cross)

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    • Thanks for the great post, it was a pleasure to read and write about.
      Yes, that’s what I like about your approach: that emotions are acknowledged, named, and by naming them we can achieve a better balance and make more conscious decisions in our teaching.
      P.S. Yes, we definitely need to meet f2f! Do let me know when you’re in Kyiv again 🙂

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