Sense of progress 7 of 10: ebb and flow


I think it’s time to state the obvious: learning is messy, and progress is not always there. However hard we try to achieve our goals in the classroom or in other contexts, there will be setbacks, overlaps, surges and sudden turnarounds – just like ocean waves in Robert Siegler’s learning theory as quoted in the post by David Didau I’d like to recommend today.

The author of the post refers to many other writers and thinkers to make the message clear: “Our implicit belief in progress hoodwinks us into accepting that results should always be improving and things can only get better. We only have to remember the second law of thermodynamics: everything moves inexorably towards entropy and chaos.”

It brings a little more balance into the whole conversation, doesn’t it?


One thought on “Sense of progress 7 of 10: ebb and flow

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