Sense of progress 6 of 10: questions


Here is a useful article by Claire Gadsby, a UK education consultant, about demonstrating progress to learners and to inspectors. It’s an introduction to her online course, so there are more questions than answers – but the questions are excellent.  For example, should we just focus on the big picture of student growth, or also on providing everyday evidence of it? Or: “Are we singing the song of progress loudly enough?” 

The author also suggests several techniques, such as progress points as classroom displays (student work at different stages of completion that students can engage with), the purple pen of progress (students using purple pens to rewrite their work after getting feedback), or the pen of power (a student comes to the board and highlights keywords in the lesson objective). There are more ideas in her presentation, even though some of the slides may not be relevant for the ELT context.

What about you – what do you do when you have to demonstrate progress to observers?

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