Sense of progress 3 of 10: goal-setting


From tools and taxonomies my reading is slowly moving to the bigger picture. Here is a review of a book by Dörnyei, Henry, and Muir’s called Motivational currents in language learning: Frameworks for focused interventions – written by the great and terrible Geoff Jordan. The authors of the book suggest a motivational framework which is based on an “intense emotional drive” to reach a learning goal, and the review is interesting in its own right, but I was particularly drawn to this line: (goals need to be) divided into proximal subgoals which provide a sense of progress. In one of the chapters, as retold by the reviewer, it is suggested we build a whole pathway of subgoals, which are some kind of milestones for students and teachers and can be used to assess the learning progress.

Now this is something to think about! How do we help students formulate these proximal subgoals? Can it be done within the scope of one lesson? Do we have to do it explicitly? Looks like I’ll have to read the whole book after all.

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