MA in Norwich: Day 14 of 14

Here are reflections on the course from three other participants – and this concludes my MA in Norwich series.

Interview 1


Hi, I’m Eman Abdalla from the British Council Sudan.

What has the course confirmed for you?

This course has confirmed that there was just a little information about finance. Still, it gave me the opportunity to meet the founder of this institute, and he told us all about the financial concepts linked to the academic aspects.

What was new?

The hierarchy of the academic management, the teacher lifecycle, the assessment, observation, how conflict can be resolved, how to debate stuff. I’m going to take all this back to my BC office.

What are you unsure about?

They are doing MA for teachers, why not MA for academic management? This is my suggestion.

Interview 2


Hello, my name is Marina Evdokimova, I am the owner of the London Express school in a small city in Russia. In total I have 600 students and 25 staff: teachers, admin staff, directors and so on. The main purpose of me coming here was to think about professional development, appraisal systems, and develop my leadership skills.

What has the course confirmed for you?

That we need to work on our skills, no matter how much experience we have there’s always room for improvement, that there are a lot of new theories and ideas in the management. Yes, another goal was to get international experience from my colleagues from all over the world, and that was confirmed: how the management system works in Hungary, in Spain, in Ukraine, in other countries. That was very very important for me.

What was new?

I can’t say that there was a lot of new stuff, but maybe that we have to pay more attention to professional development. The system that we have at our school is more quantitative, and I need to make it more qualitative. That was a new point and we’ll think it over and try to create a new system, or make changes in the existing system.

What are you unsure about?

I’m sure about everything, there’s nothing that I’m not sure about. I’m pretty satisfied with the course, there are a lot of thoughts that I want to think. Everything was important. Maybe not all things that we covered on this course are applicable to my country and to my school realia, unfortunately, but it was a good idea to have a perspective and to see how things are done in different countries in language education.

Interview 3


Hello, my name is Javier, I’m from Spain. I have my little Castle School in the South East of Spain.

What has the course confirmed for you?

That technology is something really helpful for my school, for students, and for teachers too. It makes things faster, shared, very interesting and can be implemented depending on the person who is using it. This has been confirmed because I’ve been using it for the last eight-nine years and people are happy with this.

What was new?

I am now aware that I have to write all the documents about the job descriptions, structure of the company, span of control, what is the educational culture of my school and the observation system and the goals for the teachers. This is what I must do as soon as I arrive because I feel that teachers either know all this or not, but things that are written make this crystal clear.

What are you unsure about?

Many things! For example, I am unsure about the ways to make my teachers stay at my school. That’s one of my concerns, and that’s my plan of action.

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