MA in Norwich: day 12 of 14

The last two days of the course were very much participant-driven: most of the time on Thursday and Friday we prepared, presented and discussed our action plans. It was great to see all the different elements of the course come together! I’ll write more about my impressions in a later post, and now – the interview with our tutor Tony Prince based on the reflection activity I used for the previous post.


What has this course confirmed for you?

I would say the main thing is the value of action plans. They allow people to not just reflect on what they’ve done and consider which of those things are really important, but consider how that actually gets put into practice and what the stages are, and then getting feedback on that from the tutor. And what will be interesting tomorrow [i.e. Friday] is for people to get feedback on that from other people.

What was new for you?

What I’ve done that’s new is the lesson that we had this morning that was not just on the use of technology, but on the way in which technology can be used to facilitate teacher development, personal development. I think that’s an important aspect that we’ve missed out on in the past as we’ve discussed technology but haven’t tied it into the other aspects of the course. And maybe, to come back to what’s also been confirmed, the importance of keeping tying everything together, to make sure that everything fits and is repeated, and recycled, and reconsidered, and reflected on.

What are you still unsure about?

I’m not sure about how you ensure with two tutors that the content is adequately recycled, revisited, reconsidered, because the danger is that because one tutor has delivered the materials, the other tutor doesn’t know exactly how it has been covered. They know what’s been covered and they know why it’s been done, but they don’t know how, so they don’t know what’s been touched on in particular. I keep coming back to this idea that you only learn something new if you are given the opportunity to revisit it in three different ways. I recognise the value of multiple tutors, but I think there’s a danger that there is no adequate recycling because you can’t know exactly what the other person has done, because you’re not in the class. 

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