MA in Norwich: Day 10 of 14

Wednesday was the day of flexibility: one of the best things about NILE is how they respond to feedback and adjust the course to our needs.

We: wouldn’t it be great to have some way to systematise all information and use it at the same time… 

NILE: ok, how about each of you sends your tutor a situation from your work context, and we’ll do case studies together? Here are the guidelines. And here are your updated cases. And the discussion task. And the organiser for making notes. And the mindmap of all important points.

We: there’s no session on financial management, maybe you can give us a reading list?

NILE: it’s not part of the syllabus, but here are some books. And here’s a special 2-hour session with our founder and president who will answer all your questions about finance. (And for those who are not interested, there are 7 other teacher-training workshops to choose from.)

We: the sessions end too late for us to do anything interesting!

NILE: Nothing to do in the evenings? Jeremy Harmer will sing you songs and read poems, and Jamie Keddie will tell you stories.

jamie keddie

Would you call this ‘exceeding expectations’?

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