MA in Norwich: Day 9 of 14

What do you think about change management? To me, this topic has always seemed particularly exciting (and started my love affair with IATEFL back in 2016!) So, I hadn’t expected to hear anything new – until Tony in one fell swoop retold a few books  (The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt and Switch by Dan and Chip Heath: here’s a rather good summary of Switch) and gave us a whole new model to manage change.

In short, if our inner world is represented by a rider (the rational brain) riding an elephant (the emotional lizard brain), the elephant is always stronger, and it’s hard to change where it’s going. We need to be clever about it: direct the rider (appeal to logic), motivate the elephant (work with emotions), and shape the path (create the right environment). There’s a lot more detail to the model, and I can’t wait to try it when I get back to work – though, to be totally honest, I hate to be leaving  Norwich so soon.


Since I couldn’t find any elephants in Norfolk, here is the mammoth mural in Sheringham.




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