MA in Norwich: Day 8 of 14


A street in Norwich

The highlight of the second Monday for me, perhaps surprisingly, was language. ‘Discombobulated’, ‘espoused’, ‘accretion’,a curate’s egg‘ – I challenge you to put all these words into one training session! (Just to be clear because my lexical reputation is at stake here: I had known them before, but hearing words like this is a rare joy.) All this happened against the background of exploring visual metaphors, suggestopedia, gallery walks to chamber music (‘Why? Why not!’ (c)) and, finally, good old PPP (or rather, the first P) to cram just a bit more information into our heads.

PD board

What’s in the suitcase?

What were we talking about? Teachers, of course, their professional lifecycles, their development and how we can support it. Oh, by the way: did you know that ‘to develop’ is an intransitive verb?

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