MA in Norwich: Day 7 of 14

Sunday, a day to reflect and recuperate. I attended a service at the Norwich Cathedral (for cultural rather than religious reasons), did some shopping and spent the rest of the day reading The Goblin Reservation and sorting through my course notes.


A ‘roof boss’ in the cloister of the Norwich Cathedral.

So, what have we got so far? From the big picture (educational and organisational cultures) we have moved to local contexts, managers and leaders, groups, and finally teachers and their performance. Each session was more challenging than it seemed at first glance: both tutors (Tony Prince and Martyn Clarke) are very experienced, so there is a lot of incidental knowledge you can get from their anecdotes and examples. And when you try to apply even the most basic principles to your own context – this is when your cognitive abilities stretch and creak!


Another roof boss, to illustrate the stretching.

It’s fun.

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