MA in Norwich: Day 6 of 14

The weekend is not exactly free: we actually have a small home assignment and a big cultural component of the programme. We were given the choice of either Cambridge or the coast, free train tickets and several pages of useful information. I’d been to Cambridge before, so I opted for the coast – can you seriously say no to the sea?


An hour on the Bittern line, then half an hour by Coasthopper (love those names) and another in a tiny boat, and I was basking in the sun with the seals. The seals looked much better than me because I’d forgotten to put sunscreen on my neck and shoulders.


Still, it was worth it, and a quick ice-cream in Sheringham with its beautiful cliffs sealed the deal (sorry, this pun was just asking to be used).


By the way, we had a discussion in one of the course sessions about content-related marketing and how the cultural and social programme of the school is necessary even if few students take part in it. Why? Because you put yourselves in the position of an expert and try to educate your students through these activities, show them that most learning happens outside the classroom. There must be some connection between this and my coastal trip – what do you think?

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