MA in Norwich: Day 0 of 14

Hi readers, I’m interrupting the flow of curated posts for a new series: my impressions about studies in Norwich. I’m on a short face-to-face course as part of NILE’s Master’s programme I’ve been doing since September, and I thought it might be interesting for you too.


After a tour of the UEA campus I’m back in my room. What a beautiful, beautiful place! There are several ‘wildlife trails’ where you can walk through tall grass along a water canal overgrown with algae.


There are ducks and swans; you might get lucky and catch a glimpse of a cormorant or an otter. I sat on a bench, watched a fierce little kingfisher hunting and thought: this is where Clifford Simak could have written his Goblin Reservation.

“There’d be rowdy midnight drinking bouts at the Pig and Whistle and long, slow walks along the shaded malls and canoeing on the lake. There’d be discussion and argument and the telling of old tales, and the leisurely academic routine that gave one time to live.”


Mind you, I expect a lot less drinking and leisure! Monday is the start of the course.

2 thoughts on “MA in Norwich: Day 0 of 14

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