What does the book say?


Have you  ever used the AI function of GoogleBooks? It’s called Talk to Books, and it’s a lot of fun: you type in any question you have, and the system looks for quotes that answer it. For example, when I asked, ‘How to be a good teacher?’, one of the books said:  “To be a good teacher, you have to have a good sense of humour.”  (from Why We Teach by Sonia Nieto).

A more serious voice chimed in: “Effective teachers offer support consistently, listening carefully to students’ thoughts and needs, and demonstrating compassion”  (from The Routledge International Companion to Educational Psychology by Andrew J. Holliman).

Another added: “To be a good teacher, you must know your subjects thoroughly (Ward, 2013) so that you can teach in ways that are engaging and productive for your students.” (from Teaching Children and Adolescents Physical Education by Graham et al).

I kept asking it questions, and got sometimes hilarious, sometimes really profound answers from the AI.



Why is it important? Well, I can see how useful this tool can be in a reading or speaking lesson for extra ideas, or as preparation for debates, or for initial research into a topic. Do you think your students would like it?

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