ELTons: the Oscars of ELT


Did you watch the livestream last night? Some great speakers there, and of course the nominees. If you are planning to watch the recording, watch out for Susie Dent’s introductions, her malaphors will have you in stitches! How about snackcident (when you were going to eat just one crisp but ended up eating the whole pack), texpectation (when you are waiting and waiting for that text message), or epiphanot (when you were trying to say something profound but it didn’t come out this way)?

If you’re into inspiring moments, check out Helena Gomm (her speech starts at 1.07) who introduced the lifetime achievement award for the wonderful Tessa Woodward.

And if you are looking for practical ideas for the classroom, there are loads! My all-time favourite among the winners is Tim’s Pronunciation Workshop from BBC. The learning video game Learn English with Rubi Rei looks really promising, too.

My wish list has grown by two teacher training books; in fact, all of the teacher training nominees are excellent and I can’t wait to get my hands on these resources.

What about you, any impressions to share?


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